Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Countdown to Xmas: 25 Cards, 25 Days - Day 23

Christmas Carols are my absolute favorite and Jingle Bells inspired today's musical post.  The "music theme" was also a suggestion from one of my childhood music teachers.  I was always a teacher's pet, so why change old habits now that I'm thirty-something?  Here's today's card:

  • Red card base: 5.5"W x 8.5"H, scored at 4.25" mark
  • White card stock for the inside of the card: 5.25"W x 4"H
  • 1.25" strip of matching red card stock for the sentiment
  • Green Polka Dot Ribbon
  • White card stock to place behind the sheet music.
  • Foam adhesive
  • Ranger Distress Inks in the following colors:
    • Tea Dye
    • Old Paper
  • Ink Jet Printer

  • I did not have any sheet music patterned paper in my collection.  So, I turned to Google and searched for free to use Christmas Carol sheet music.  Lo and behold, Jingle Bells popped up.  How perfect!  My favorite line in the song is "laughing all the way" because I love to laugh.  I figured that would make a fun sentiment.
  • Print the sheet music on regular Ink Jet paper (white paper).  Cut the music to fit the card and adhere to a piece of card stock the same size.  I wanted to have a little bit of a margin on the left side for the ribbon, so the sheet music isn't evenly placed on the front.
  • Use distress ink to cover the paper and the edges.  I wanted this to have an old parchment kind of feel, so I chose Tea Dye and Old Paper ink colors.  Be careful when applying the ink.  Distress Ink doesn't take away the InkJet printer ink, but water does.  So be sure not to splash any water on this.
  • Cut the sentiment so it's approximately 0.75"H - be sure to leave plenty of room on the sides to wrap around the sheet music.  
  • Glue the sentiment to the 1.25" red paper strip.  Wrap this strip around the sheet music and adhere with foam adhesive to add dimension.
  • Add the green polka dot ribbon.
  • Glue the white insert to the inside of the card.  
  • Here's a close-up of the music:
  • What I love about this design is that you can make a whole series of Christmas Carols using this layout.  Find sheet music for different Christmas Carols, choose the line that means the most to you... and there you have it!  Hmm... I might have to make a boxed set of Christmas Carol cards now.

"O'er the fields we go, laughing all the way (ha ha ha)..."  

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