Why Bubblegum?

Several people have asked me why I chose the name “Bubblegum Paper” and why I love Bubblegum (or any kind of gum) SO MUCH.  I wrote a blog post years ago on a different blog site which I no longer update… but I explained my affection for chewing gum in lengthy detail.  So, rather than re-write it… I added it below.

absolutely LOVE chewing gum!  Any kind of chewing gum: bubblegum, candy gum, sugar free gum.  I grew up on gum... started with the sugary kind... little did I know the impact it would have on my teeth.  I think I still hold my childhood dentist's record for "child with the most cavities" to this day.  At any rate, I love gum. 
Here is a long list of my bubblegum memories.  Literally, memories about chewing gum…


  •  Hubba Bubba was the best -- great elasticity (I didn't even know that word when I chewed my first piece, I just knew it was quality gum).  I think Blueberry and Grape were my favorite flavors.  
  •  Bubblicious was my second favorite... I settled for the "Original" flavor.  I guess it wasn't all that great, but it was good enough.
  • I also loved Bazooka Gum and collected all the comics.  I never really sent in the comics to get a Bazooka Joe treat, but I always dreamed that I one day would get an entire collection of Bazooka goodies. 
  •  Gatorgum... Mmmm... the sweet meets tart meets tangy combination of Gatorgum was the best.  I used to ride my pink bike with flowery basket to the local AM/PM and pick up a handful of Gatorgum from the candy jar for 5 cents (or maybe 10 cents) each.  Yum Yum.  Unfortunately it seems the gum was discontinued in 1989.
  •  Dubble Bubble.  For some reason, the wrappers always came off the double bubble gum.  Not sure why.  It loses its flavor super quick... and if you chew too much, your jaw hurts.  I still chewed it though.  It tasted like the gum that came in baseball card packs.  Yes, my brother collected baseball cards, but he hated chewing gum... that meant BONUS for me!  I loved those cardboard texture sticks of gum. Who knows how long they were sitting in the packaging.
  •  GumballsAlso manufactured by Tootsie Industries, under the Dubble Bubble brand.  Generic, but great.  My favorite were the white ones.  I'm not sure why, but I thought they had a unique flavor.  Now that I think about it... it was probably the base flavor for all gumballs... plain vanilla.  Yum.  When I worked at Disney, we each received an awesome old-school gum ball machine.  I still have mine sitting in my craft area.  I love it!


  • Razzles.  Do you remember Razzles?  The candy gum that looked like a thicker version of Sweetarts?  Only if you started chewing them, they turned into gum?  I have an older brother who does not chew gum.  Never has.  Never will.  Once when I was 9 or 10, I convinced him to try Razzles candy.  He started chewing it and swallowed it... I told him it was a piece of gum and I was trying to trick him into chewing it.  Haha -- unsuccessful attempt at being a sneaky, bratty little sister!
  • Big League Chew.  I never really played wiffle ball, or softball or baseball... but boy could I chew Big League Chew.  I once tried to chew a whole pack.  Didn't work.  It was really messy and way too sweet... maybe one day I can try that again.
  • Bubble Tape I thought it was so cool the first time I saw it.  Again, I tried to see how many feet of Bubble Tape I could chew. 
  • Garbage Pail Kids cards... and the gum that came inside.  I recently talked about GPK cards with a friend and the only thing I could remember was the gum.  The flavor of cardboard mixed with bubblegum coated in powder white was still appealing to me.  It had a unique flavor.  I remember getting packs of the cards, just for the gum!  
  • Chicklets.  Are these considered novelty?  They're part candy, part gum.  Still great.


  • As a kid, I liked Big Red the best.  Love the commercials... "That Big Red freshness lasts right through it... your fresh breath goes on and on... while you chew it, say good bye a little longer make it last a little longer... give your breath long lasting freshness with Big Red..."
  • Doublemint gum was also a good one, even through the flavor lasted all of one minute.  But how can you forgot "Double Double your refreshness... double double your enjoyment... no single gum double freshens your mouth like... Doublemint, Doublemint gum!"
  • Juicy Fruit was never one of my favorites.
  • Fruit Stripe sticks were cool with the tattoos, but that's about it.  I didn't like the flavor that much!
  • Chewels Ewwww... I did not like Chewels at all.  The gross liquid inside never really appealed to me.  Chewels are perhaps the only gum that I didn't like.  I think they discontinued that product.  Good thing!


  • Wrigley's still makes most of my favorite gum brands.  I like sugar free gum.  Too late on the dental front, still have all those cavities, but I feel better about chewing sugarfree gum.  
  • I travel internationally to find yummy gum.  I like the Excel brand in Canada and the Airwaves brand in Europe and Asia.  Both manufactured by Wrigley's... yet all of them are stronger than the American brands.  
  • When I was in business school, I loved Excel Cherry Chill gum.  I even joined my school's Canadian Club (I'm from Boston), just so I could meet Canadians who could procure Canadian gum for me.  Four different people all brought me back cases of that delicious Cherry-flavored gum.  Sadly, Wrigley's discontinued the flavor back in 2007 I think.
  • A few years ago, I went to Iceland and was so excited to see Eucalyptus- flavored Airwaves gum.  I purchased several packs.  Little did I know these were manufactured in Sweden.  Oh well, still European I guess.  I wonder if there's an expiration date on those packs.  I still have one left.  (2015 UPDATE: I recently traveled to London and found Airwaves there.  SCORE!)
  • Here in the US, Orbit is my default gum.  Orbit lasts long and has good elasticity (similar to that of Hubba Bubba only smaller).  The flavors are great.  Packaging fun.  Advertising exciting.  A few years ago they introduced the minipacks... perfect size for your car or wallet.
  • Trident is my second favorite.  I like the classic flavors: "Original," "Bubblegum," "Cinnamon" and "Spearmint."  I have tried their fruity and tropical flavors too, but they aren't as exciting to me.
  • Extra is just okay.  I like the original flavored bubble gum and spearmint is okay, but I'm not a fan of their wrappers for some reason.  Yeah.  I can't explain why exactly.  Just not a fan.
  • There are some other players in the market these days.  Stride caters to men with their sleek black packaging (yes, I still noticed).  EclipseDentyneTrident White, all come in those wrapper-free packages which are great for travel, but tough when it comes to spitting out.  I guess in the summer months, those chicklet types may be better... less chance of melting.  Who knows.
Anyhow, that's the long-winded origin of the "Bubblegum" part of my blog name.  In addition to my passion for gum, I love making cards, planning and throwing events (baby showers, bridal showers, dinner parties, holiday parties), crafts (favors)… thus the “PAPER” part of my blog name.

Who knows, maybe I'll do a series of cards inspired by gum packaging... colors, etc... I also collect bubblegum stamps, of course!  I currently have ones from The Stamps of LifeTaylored Expressions and Stamps by Judith & Heather.  Cards to come!

So… do you have a favorite Bubblegum memory?  If so, please share it!


  1. Wow, did you bring back some memories for me! I totally remember all those gums! I was an East Coast kid too, a child in the early seventies. It'seems crazy to think back on all those sugary gums, as now they're pretty much all sugar-free, good for me, as now I'm diabetic. Well, anyhow, thanks for the trip down memory lane, love you YouTube videos!
    Beth, a lifelong Pennsylvanian

  2. I love gum, too! Unfortunately, I have TMJ now so it's not nearly as pleasant to chew but I do it anyways, although not nearly as often. Trident cinnamon was my all time favorite when I was younger (I'm a 70s kid, as well.) but I'm not a fan of the newer sugar free flavor, so now it's mostly Orbit flavors for me. You know what I miss? Quench! I used to love that gum! The flavor didn't last extremely long and my jaw would clench uncontrollably during the first sour bites but I loved it regardless!

    Anyway, I'm glad I came across your blog and YouTube channel. I love your cards! Thanks for your willingness to share your ideas with those of us who are creatively challenged yet love making cards! ☺ We very much appreciate it!!


Look forward to your feedback and any fun ideas I should incorporate into my card designs. Or just say hello!