Friday, August 5, 2016

Happy Birthday, Gloria | Lawn Fawn and Mama Elephant

Hi everyone,

Today is my best friend's birthday.  Gloria and I met our first week in college and we quickly became lifelong friends. She hails from Los Angeles and I'm from Boston (well, a small town in Central Massachusetts).  Gloria was the first to introduce me to this amazing city of Los Angeles.  I visited her family one summer during college and we ate a ton, shopped a ton, sang Karaoke (or as our friend Winnie calls it "Dance Charades") on her dad's VCD machine, and saw all the awesome touristy sites.  Years later, she moved away and I moved here.  Every time I pass by her childhood house, I think of all the random adventures we had.  I'm lucky though, now she lives super close to my brother and his family, so I get to visit her quite often.

Gloria is a sister to me and my partner in crime.  In fact, I should say she's my partner in paper-crafting crime.  Gloria was the first to introduce me to heat embossing as we pulled late night crafting parties in prep for her wedding.  She also accompanied me to my very first Scrapbook Expo.  Oh boy were we inexperienced Scrapbook Expo-goers back then.  We had our handbags and tiny a plastic bag each... we figured, how much would we actually buy at this show?  Oh boy... at the end of the day, we were envious of those who brought along their rolling totes!

Anyhow, I have way too many adventures and stories to share, so I thought this card would depict our friendship.  No matter what we are doing, we always have "Loads of Fun" together.  Gloria has a way to make even the most mundane tasks (like reorganizing a play room) super fun. She has also been so incredibly supportive this past year as I dealt with health issue after health issue. Now I'm on the mend and have her and her husband to thank big time.

Here's what the card looks like:



Click the image to see me make this card on YouTube

Happy Happy Birthday, Gloria!  You're the best friend a girl could wish for.  Hope you have a wonderful day!

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