Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lights, Cards, Action... Happy Mother's Day!

Hi everyone,

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there, especially my mom and my aunts who treat me like their very own daughter.  I have a very special card to share with you. This card features Chibitronics circuit stickers.  You know how much I love making projects with these stickers and I felt Mother's Day was a perfect occasion to use them.  After all, mothers everywhere are brightening up and sparking creativity in their children every day, right?

Here's the card with the lights off and on.  Aren't these Chirpy Chirp Chirp stamps from Lawn Fawn the cutest?  I love their flower border die cuts too!


Directions via YouTube:

I'll be honest, the best way to see how this card was made is the watch the YouTube video (click here) because there were so many steps... and of course, I forgot to take step by step photos as I was making the card.  Oops!

Click the image to watch the video on YouTube

Directions - Condensed Step by Step:

  • Stamp the chicks, paint bucket, paint brush and butterfly with Memento ink and color with copic markers.  Use the coordinating die cuts to cut everything out.
  • Die cut the flower border from yellow, pink and green patterned paper.  The green patterned paper should have approx 1.5-2" of space below the higher hillside curve.  We are only using the flower tops from the pink and yellow paper, so it doesn't matter how much space you leave below the border.
  • Die cut a scalloped rectangular frame using the second largest scalloped rectangle and the second largest stitched rectangle.
  • Add distress ink to a card insert to create a subtle sky.
  • Glue the green flower border.  Add the pink tulips and yellow daisy tops to the border.
  • Stamp the sentiment in green ink to the bottom of the green hill.
  • Take a 1/8 inch hole punch and punch out the centers of the yellow flowers.
  • Mark these holes on your card base. This is where the lights will go.
  • Take a piece of cardstock 1"x2" and folder in half to create a battery holder.  Mark one side "+" and the other "-"
  • Run copper tape above and below the circles you drew on the card base.  One piece of tape should run to the negative side of a battery holder.  The other should run to the positive side of the battery holder.
  • Place the LED circuit stickers on top of the tape and center over your pencil mark dots.  Make sure all the negative (pointy) sides are touching the same piece of tape and all the positive (flat) sides are touching the same piece of tape, but different from the negative piece of tape.
  • Cradle the battery using foam adhesive.
  • Place foam adhesive around the enter border of the card.
  • Add the floral front.
  • Finish the card by adding the scalloped frame, chicks, paint brush, paint can and butterfly.
  • Tip: if you want to turn off the card so the battery doesn't run out, just insert a piece of cardstock or paper between the battery and the copper tape.  You can write "pull" on the paper and your recipient can just pull that out to light up the card.
Okay, that's a lot of words, so again, the best way to see how I made this card is to watch my YouTube video for this card.  And while you're there, please considering subscribing to my Bubblegum Paper YouTube channel!  Thank you so much!

Happy Mother's Day!

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