Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day!

Hi everyone,

Today is Pi Day... March 14.  And this year, Pi Day is even cooler!  It's 3.14 '15.  Nerdy, but cool, right?  I went to a college (or an Institute) that embraces Pi Day to its fullest.  Every year, the MIT Admissions committee sends their decisions out on Pi Day -- this year, they took it one step further and sent them out at 9:26am ET.  3.1415926... Here's a fun video of the announcement.

In honor of Pi Day and all those admitted to MIT this year, I created this card... using Chibitronics stickers, of course since these circuit stickers were also developed at MIT.



  • Print a Pi symbol on white card stock using your computer/printer.
  • Use the largest stitched rectangle die and cut out the card front
  • Cut out the "Oh Happy Day" sentiment die from the gold glitter paper
  • Punch holes using a 1/8" hole punch in the Pi Symbol on both the white and blue card stock
  • Using a pencil, mark the holes on the kraft card base.
  • Place the copper tape, Chibitronics circuit stickers and battery holder on the card base... see image below for the layout

  •  Add foam adhesive to the card base.
  • Ta Da!  It lights up. 

Happy Pi Day... now, let's go eat some Pie!

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