Monday, November 14, 2016

Card Series: One Kit - Five Cards | Doodlebug Design | Under the Sea

Hi everyone,

Given all the recent events happening IRL (in real life), I've turned to my happy place... card making. I also haven't posted a video on my YouTube channel in a while, so this weekend, I posted a series of card videos where I use one kit and make five different cards.

The original inspiration for this project came a few weeks ago as I was preparing for my much needed vacation to Hawaii.  I was so excited and thought it would be fun to create a bunch of cards for each day while I was in Hawaii.  Well, guess what?  I didn't make any videos or do much of anything while I was on vacation.  In the days leading to vacation I was busy with work and packing and just getting everything in order.  Do you ever clean the house before you leave for vacation?  For some reason, I like do tidy up before I go... or at least try to tidy.  I had grand plans of writing blog posts and editing videos while on my trip... but guess what?  I didn't.  I spent most of my vacation eating yummy food, relaxing, spending time with fun people and experiencing once in a lifetime adventures, like watching lava flow straight into the ocean at 5am.

Okay, back to this card series.  With the ocean, beach, Hawaii them in mind, I decided to use this super cute Doodlebug Design Under the Sea Collection Essentials Kit.  If you're not familiar with Doodlebug Design, they make the happiest, brightest, cutest designs, characters and patterns.  Everything coordinates.  Everything is just ever-so-cheerful!  This kit is no different!

Here are images of the five cards I created (well, 6 really) and a BONUS plan with me video.  I also posted tutorial process videos on my Bubblegum Paper YouTube Channel.  You can see the entire playlist here or click on each image below to go directly to the corresponding process video on YouTube.

Card 1: Hugs - Click to see this card on YouTube
Card 2: Peace - Click to see this card on YouTube
Card 3: Aloha - Click to see this card on YouTube
Card 4: Love - Click to see this card on YouTube
Card 5: Happiness - Click to see this card on YouTube
BONUS: Plan with Me Planner Video - Click to see this card on YouTube

Hope you enjoy watching the videos and I'll be back soon with more projects!


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