Friday, February 20, 2015

Bubblegum Paper on the Road... in LONDON

Hello everyone,

I'm posting a quick update from the other side of the pond.  I'm in lovely London which is currently covered in a layer of fog.  Yes, real fog, not smog like we have in Los Angeles.  It's been raining off and on, but overall very nice.  

We've visited many sites on our trip... Windsor Castle, Wimbledon, Westminster Abbey, Winston Churchill War Rooms - whoa, so many "W's" but I'm also keeping my eyes open for cool paper finds.  Paperchase was on my list of stores to visit and I am so glad I did!  Below are some of the cool finds in their store.

On the ground floor, they had a section of paper, cards and envelopes - cut to size and sold as single sheets.  They also had rows and rows of greeting cards which, sadly, I forgot to capture on camera.  I think I was too busy selecting cards!

My absolute favorite section of this floor was the ribbon section.  So many choices.  I love how they package their ribbon in these plastic flat tabs.  Such a space saver.  These would fit perfectly in any craft drawer. 

On the next floor (I would normally say the second floor, but some places in London refer to the floor above ground level as floor 1 so it gets confusing) they had party and thematic decor... weddings, baby, seasonal, etc...

And on the top floor they had tons of arts and craft supplies.  They also had a workshop area where you could sign up for fun papercraft projects.  I was short on time, otherwise I would have stayed to make a card or two.

I loved this store.  Tempted to visit again!  


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