Monday, November 3, 2014

Bubblerific Paper Find: Ferme a Papier "Joie du Jour" Journal

Happy November, everyone!

I recently traveled to Boston to visit family and attend a conference.  My love for stationery dates back to the 1980s when I was the ULTIMATE sticker collector in my circle of elementary school friends.  I had puffy stickers, oily stickers, you name it... I had it.  In fact, I even wrote in a 3rd grade journal that some day I would grow up and be a "sticker maker."  Thanks to double-sided tape and the Sizzix adhesive sheets, that dream is *almost* a reality.  Haha!

I spent the summer after my junior year in high school at Harvard Summer School and discovered the Bob Slate Stationer store in Harvard Square.  I later attended college and grad school in Cambridge/Boston, so I would often head to Bob Slate when I needed a break from studying or a "pick me up" from a rough week.  A cute little notebook or fancy folder for my school papers usually did the trick!

Flash forward many years later and here I was, sneaking away from the conference, to check out one of my favorite stationery stores.  I walked every aisle and when I got to the journal section, I saw so many cool designs.  Now, do I need another journal to add to my collection at home?  Probably, not.  But I couldn't help myself (confessions of a paper-shopaholic).  So after several minutes of picking up each journal, inspecting the paper quality, feeling the texture of the paper and cover... I kept navigating back to this one journal.  I was just drawn to the design and cover.  "Joie du Jour"... Joy of the Day... How perfect would this be for my greeting card sketches and creative projects?

Ferme a Papier Joie du Jour Journal

This journal is designed by Ferme a Papier by Cat Seto, a studio based in San Francisco.  I LOVE the cover, but I also love the inside page and back cover designs.  I'm a sucker for chevron print, so this journal was perfect.  This 6"x8" journal contains 168 smooth cream pages.  The edges of the pages are covered in gold foil... so glamorous!  When you open the journal, the pages lay flat! Yup, I really dislike when you have a thick journal and you have to use one hand to hold it open while you write with the other.  Not the case here.  The pages lay flat and allow you to freely draw, color, write... whatever your heart desires!  You can purchase this journal from the Chronicle Books website here.

Front Cover, Inside Cover, Back Cover

The pages lay flat... even in the center of the journal!

Now, I suppose it's time for me to fill the pages with some card designs.

Happy Journaling!

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